It is great to share the new report from Haruka Yanagisawa in New Zealand with you all.  The hot summer in New Zealand is changing into cool autumn on the contrary to that chilly winter is moving to windy early spring in Japan. The following is her report:
Hello! I’m Haruka Yanagisawa, an current exchange student studying at New Plymouth Girls' High School.  Now here in NewZealand, the weather has been cloudy, rainy and windy. The air temperature goes up and down in these days. Anyway I think it has got a little cooler than when I came to NewZealand, which means that the season is changing from summer to autumn. 
In this report I am very happy to introduce my school life in New Plymouth Girls High School.
Firstly, at school we have two time to eat food, one of which is called morning tea and the other lunch time.  Recently I go to the room which is for the international students and I enjoy meeting with my international friends over lunch. I usually eat with Brazilian, Filipino and Japanese friends. Of course I speak English to communicate with them.  Also I can speak Japanese to Japanese friends when I feel tired to speak English, makes my brain feel refreshed. In this room, many international students will come to meet with friends and speak their first language, so it’s fun to listen to them speaking their mother languages.
The next topic is about my class. Almost all of the classes which I am taking are not the same as the ones of my international friends, so I need to go to my classes by myself and take classes. When I am not able to understand what we doing, I always ask the students next to me or my teachers.  Everyone who I ask teaches me very kindly and explains easily until I can understand it.  At first I was nervous but now I’m enjoying my classes.
The next day was the swimming sports day, but unfortunately, because of a cyclone, the water tank's pipe was broken and our area is the place where we couldn’t drink water from the tap and now water is stopping, so my school finished early today and the school will be closed tomorrow.  Swimming sports day will be postponed to the next Friday. I wish it will be held!
The photos are the sea which I saw on weekends, the museum’s shark and the Festival of Lights..
Thank you for reading my report!

います。授業はもちろん全部英語なので何をやっているのか分からないときがあり、そのときは私の席の隣の人や先生に質問をしています。 優しく接してくれて私が理解できるように説明してくれるので、初めは緊張していましたが、今は楽しく授業を受けることができています。

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