Now our exchange programs overseas make Otsuma Nakano students come alive. From Australia, Nanaka Otaki, an exchange student currently studying at St. Andrew's, will report you  how intriguing her life there has been!    
Hello! This is Nanaka Otaki from Cairns, Australia. It's great for me to get back to you with my second quick report. It has been very sunny lately and it’s really hot in Cairns. Throughout this report, I’ll be sharing what I had been doing for the last two weeks!
At school, we have a class called pastoral care. Pastoral care is basically a class where we talk about our feelings with our classmates. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to do it due to the assemblies. So I’m looking forward to experiencing what it’s like!
In the weekends, my host family took me on a boat to the reef. I was surprised how a lot of people here owns their own boat! It was very bumpy on the way in and out, and it was really fun. Luckily, we found dolphins and sea turtles! They were beautiful. Since there was a lot of jellyfish in the water, we couldn’t get in but it was still a great experience!!
I have also been doing some baking with my host family. Today, my host sister and I made patty cakes and it was really good. Its also interesting since I find a lot of cultural diversion. 
Thank you so much for reading my report! Hope you enjoyed!
こんにちは!オーストラリアのケアンズに留学中の大瀧菜々花です。 最近は天気が良く、ケアンズはとても暑いです。このレポートでは、先週と今週で私が体験したことを書こうと思います。
St. Andrews にはパストラルケアという授業が毎週あります。パストラルケアとは、クラスメートと自分が感じてることや意見を交換する授業らしいです。残念ながら集会や自己紹介などで授業が潰れてしまい、まだ受けていません。なので、どんな感じなのかとても楽しみです!

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