A new report from Australia came to us. The other student, Yuka Saito, a year 10th student of Otsuma Nakano and currenlty at St. Andrew's Catholic College, a sister school of Otsuma Nakano in Ausrtalia, would like to let you know her first impression on Cairns and St. Andrew's.  Here we go!
Hello, I’m Yuka Saito. I am now in Australia for our school exchange program for one term long. Two weeks have passed since I came here.  I would like to report to you the things that I have experienced so far in Australia.
During my first weekend, we went to a zoo to see kangaroos and a koala. I fed some kangaroos and they were so cute. I took a photo with my koala on my hands. I didn’t know that koala roars so loud like lions until I heard it crying at the zoo. I also went to a market. I saw an Aboriginal instrument and pictures.
My second weekend was long weekend because we had an Australia day, so Friday I had no school. I went to two parties. I ate sausages, kebabs, and pavlova. I had so much fun. On the next day, I swam in my host family’s pool. It was a little cold but it was better than staying outside.
In the third weekend, I went to the Night Market and a shopping mall. Before going to the night market, my host family took me to a Japanese restaurant. In the restaurant, there were many Japanese things hanging on the wall. I felt a little weird because it was made for foreigners. Also, there was a TV. Japanese music show was tuned on. While watching the program, I already felt like I was missing Japan.
The school I go to, which is St.Andrews, is so much fun. I get to take a class that I can’t take in Japan. For example, there are photography, philosophy, and religion. These are very interesting subject. However, we have only one minutes between the class, so I am very busy at school. Thinking of school ending at 2:40, maybe it is better than Japanese school.  Although it would be quite difficult for me to keep in mind everything about St. Andrew's, I hope that I can get used to it until the end of the term.
Thank you so much for reading my first report.  I would like to share many things about Cairns and St. Andrew's with you all from now on.   Have a good day!

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