It's great to share with you all another report from New Zealand about kicking off a new exchange program at the school at New Plymouth Girls' High School.  Now currently three of Otsuma Nakano high school students are studying there, which is great ride for them.   Haruka Yanagisawa, one of them, is making a report on her first impression on her Kiwi life as follows:
Hello! I’m Haruka Yanagisawa, a year 10th student of Otsuma Nakano High School and current New Plymouth Girls' High School. Actually I arrived at New Zealand just five days ago. In this report, I will introduce what I did on the weekend with my host family.
Now in Japan, the current season is winter, but in New Zealand we are in the middle of mid summer and it has been very hot, so I went to the pool here. There are indoor and outdoor pools and water slider. I played tags and swam using kick board, which was very fun to me.
I was surprised because when I went to outdoor pool, the sunshine was stronger than Japan.  My host family taught me the reason that it is strong because of earth ozone hole.  To expose too much ultraviolet ray is not good for our health, so I will rub sun cream to my body and take measure for that.
After we enjoyed the pool, I went to the river and had dinner on the lawn near from the river. The food which my host father and mother made was very delicious. We played frisbee and had fun!  After dinner I watched sunset. Sky was clear and I watched beautiful orange color sun until it went down. I can’t watch such beautiful sunset in Tokyo, so I was impressed and amazed at the scene.  I am keen to watch this beaufitul sunset again!
From next week my school class begins, so I’m excited about it.
Thank you so much for reading my report.
日本の季節は今、冬ですがニュージーランドは真夏です。その日は暑かったのでプールに行きました。 プールは室内と屋外にあり、ウォータースライダーもあります。私はホストマザーとホストシスターと一緒に鬼ごっこをして遊んだり、ビート板を使って泳ぎました。

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