A Happy New Year!



sa bai di pi haim


Best wishes for a bright and prosperous New Year!

あけましておめでとうございます。  2018年もよろしくお願いいたします。さて、毎月このページで紹介しています「From Laos ~メコン川のほとりから~」、2018年の新年号(第7号)が届きましたので、ご紹介いたします。



We would like to update the "Happy New Year – Newsletter from Laos" to share with all of you, which introduces how to cerebrate a joyful occasion in Laos.    We hope this will be very informative and intriguing, which also this newsletter would showcase an idea of the direction of Otsuma Nakano global education.  Please click the following.




ラオス通信は、本校数学科・小浦あす貴教諭によるラオスでの活動の紹介です。 小浦教諭は、2016年6月から、JICA(独立行政法人国際協力機構)の組織「青年海外協力隊」に参加し、ラオスで現地の子ども、学生たちへの教育活動で活躍しています。

It's our great pleasure to introduce this special notes from Laos by one of the staff at Otsuma Nakano, Asuki Koura, a math teacher, who is currently particiapting in JICA volunteer working program in Laos.  Since June, 2016, she has been making committment to the education for local students there.  She said, " I am here because I would like to believe in my own eyes to take a look at what "global" is like.  Also I am sure that my first hand experience in this country far from Japan would really tell what global understanding means to be."  It would be great if you could click the followings and share the photos.

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