Our Term 2 for New Zealand student exchange program has started as well as the Australian program.   We are so proud to introduce the new report on this new school life there in New Plymouth.  Karen Sugahara, a Year 10 student, will share with you all her kick off report.  Here we go!


Hello! My name is Karen Sugahara. I'm an exchange student from Otsuma Nakano to New Plymouth girls high school in New Zealand. 


Two weeks have passed since I came to New Zealand. I experienced various things in two weeks. 


First I will talk about school life. The school is very large and there are a lot of students. New Zealand class is difficult for me but it is nice when I can understand it. I am taking a physical education lesson. We did cross-country this week. Cross-country is the enduring travel of 3 km of mountain road. I was so tired but thanks to the support of my friends I worked hard.


Second I will talk about my host family. My host family is so kind to me. Sometimes I talk about my Japanese life to my host family. And I feel the difference between Japan and New Zealand. To know new culture is a lot of fun and I love talking with host families. Some times I go to a restaurant with my host family. I enjoy eating in a restaurant. New Zealand food is good.


I would like to learn English more and more to speak everyone. So l will do my best.  


Every one,thank you for reading my report!!



Karen Sugahara

こんにちは!大妻中野からNew Plymouth girls high school に留学している菅原佳蓮です。私がニュージーランドに来てから2週間が経ちました。私は2週間の間でも沢山の経験をすることが出来ました。










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