It is great to share the new report from Haruka Yanagisawa in New Zealand with you all.  The hot summer in New Zealand is changing into cool autumn on the contrary to that chilly winter is moving to windy early spring in Japan. The following is her report:
Hello! I’m Haruka Yanagisawa, an current exchange student studying at New Plymouth Girls' High School.  Now here in NewZealand, the weather has been cloudy, rainy and windy. The air temperature goes up and down in these days. Anyway I think it has got a little cooler than when I came to NewZealand, which means that the season is changing from summer to autumn. 
In this report I am very happy to introduce my school life in New Plymouth Girls High School.
Firstly, at school we have two time to eat food, one of which is called morning tea and the other lunch time.  Recently I go to the room which is for the international students and I enjoy meeting with my international friends over lunch. I usually eat with Brazilian, Filipino and Japanese friends. Of course I speak English to communicate with them.  Also I can speak Japanese to Japanese friends when I feel tired to speak English, makes my brain feel refreshed. In this room, many international students will come to meet with friends and speak their first language, so it’s fun to listen to them speaking their mother languages.
The next topic is about my class. Almost all of the classes which I am taking are not the same as the ones of my international friends, so I need to go to my classes by myself and take classes. When I am not able to understand what we doing, I always ask the students next to me or my teachers.  Everyone who I ask teaches me very kindly and explains easily until I can understand it.  At first I was nervous but now I’m enjoying my classes.
The next day was the swimming sports day, but unfortunately, because of a cyclone, the water tank's pipe was broken and our area is the place where we couldn’t drink water from the tap and now water is stopping, so my school finished early today and the school will be closed tomorrow.  Swimming sports day will be postponed to the next Friday. I wish it will be held!
The photos are the sea which I saw on weekends, the museum’s shark and the Festival of Lights..
Thank you for reading my report!

います。授業はもちろん全部英語なので何をやっているのか分からないときがあり、そのときは私の席の隣の人や先生に質問をしています。 優しく接してくれて私が理解できるように説明してくれるので、初めは緊張していましたが、今は楽しく授業を受けることができています。



- GLCの国際交流・文化発信プログラム –  Otsuma Nakano Global Leaders' Class International Cultural Exchange Programs with Garrison Forest School in Baltimore, America - 
本校GLCの文化発信プログラムの1つとして、アメリカ・メリーランドにある私立幼児初等中等教育一貫校・Garrison Forest Schoolと本校との交流プログラム – Preschool Learns about Japan – が実施されています。アメリカのプレスクールの子どもたちが、本校のGLC(グローバル・リーダーズ・クラス)中1の生徒の作った英語による日本文化紹介で日本の文化を学び、本校の生徒にその学びをフィードバックする交流プログラムです。前回は、Happy Holidays!! – Christmas での交流でした。今回は、Happy Valentine's Dayでの交流です。
Otsuma Nakano Global Leaders' Class is now working on a special cultural exchange program on "Preschool Learns about Japan" with Garrison Forest School in Baltimore, Merryland, USA.   Otsuma Nakano Grade 7th GLC students show Japanese culture in English to the children of Preschool of Garrison Forest School.    We did an excellent exchange and celebration on Happy Holidays in December.  Now we are celebrating all together on "Happy Valentine's Day."

以下のGarrison Forest Schoolでの本校のこの交流プログラムの紹介をご覧ください。 本校GLCはさまざま機会を通して、世界各地に私たちの文化を発信していきます。
Here is a link to a report for GLC 1-6 Alpha girls greeting exchange with the little ones from Garrison Forest School. 
We will keep on working for this cultural exchange with Garrison Forest School and Otsuma Nakano GLC students are much looking forward to the next occasion! 



































くれるのでしょうね。↓左側 :夏休みSt,Andrewsでのパーティー 右側:大妻中野 パーティー後のバディ達





Another new updated exchange student report arrived from Australia.  Yuka Saito, an exchange student who is now enrolling at St. Andrew's Catholic College in Cairns, Australia, informs you of her latest story about her Aussi life:


Hi, everyone! I’m Yuka Saito.   Now I will write about my special experience that I had last week.  


Last Thursday, we had a swimming carnival. It is the festival where you can participate in swimming in a race. We went to a public pool near the school. It was bigger than I thought of. There was a canteen at the public pool, so I bought a slushy and hot chip. I was surprised when I saw some students swimming with their sports uniforms on. Although I didn’t participate in the swimming race, I really had a good time.


Also, last Sunday, my host family took me and Nanaka to a lake to swim. The water was clean and blue. It was really nice and cold. After that, we ate hamburgers and chips, and went to see a waterfall. I enjoyed them a lot, but I got sunburn, and it really hurts!


There are only 6 more weeks by the time I get back to Japan. I will try my best not to regret the time in Australia.































本校グローバル・リーダーズ・コースの生徒たちは、さまざまに自主活動を行っています。その一つ、英語Paperの自主作成、発行を紹介します。"Good Vibes", スタイリッシュであることにこだわった作品です。


Otsuma Nakano Global Leaders Class students are always committed to independent works in and outside school.  One of their such kind of activities are to produce independent paper magazine.   Ayaka Okada and Akane Takahashi, from junior students of GLC of Otsuma Nakano, are now introducing their paper called "Good Vibes."   Its contents are "Best Burgers in Tokyo," "Valentine's Day around the World," and " Movie Recommendation", which looks so intriguing, informative and stylish.  I hope you enjoy reading their great work.  


Please click the following.




601年に修道士アウグスティヌスが初代カンタベリー大司教に就任以来、イングランドの歴史やキリスト教の中心地となったカンタベリーにある学校、The Archbishop's School での留学生活です。本校の高校1年生、西上友理さんが、世界遺産カンタベリー大聖堂がある歴史ある街、カンタベリーでの留学生活をレポートしてくれます。
The life in England – Report 1 -
Hello everyone!!  I am Yuri Nishigami, an exchange student from Otsuma Nakano High School.  I am currently studying at The Archbishop's School in Canterbury, UK. It's my great pleasure to report my life in England.
First of all, I woudl like to to tell you that England is a really beautiful country and at the same time it is a comfortable place without awful weather. Everyone here is so kind and gentle. And also, food is not so bad as it is mentioned! Its delicious! I love it.
I am happy to introduce my host family.  My host mother, Ms.Izolde, is really good at cooking. And she is so kind and teaches me many things like how to get to the town, which is the place she recommends and how to get a bus. There are many markets there where we can buy things with cheap price! She is a very reliable person. 
And my host father, Mr. Mike, is a really funny man. He is always joking and making me laugh. What's more, he sometimes shows me some movies. I watched “Coco", which is a Disney movie. Do you know “Coco”? It was great. I recommend it to you.
Secondly, I’ll talk about my school life. My school buddy, Alex, is a really intelligent girl. She knows a lot of things and every story that she talks is really interesting.  She told me that she would like to become an English teacher. I think she will be a perfect English teacher because she teaches me very well. It’s really hard for me to understand History lesson, because in History lesson, we use a lot of old English. But Alex teaches me such old English easily enough for me to understand. So, actually I can keep up with the history class. And now I also want to introduce my school friend Teea , Masami, Claire and Tina.
Teea talks many enjoyable things. She is a Romanian. So, she sometimes talks about her life in Romania. It's quite interesting. Yesterday, I went to a theater with her and watched “Black Panther″an action movie. It was really cool and amazing. Also, she helps me with makeup. She is a professional! I want to acquire how to make up before I get back to Japan.
Masami is a really kind girl. She is half Japanese and half English. So she can speaks English and Japanese! I respect her. Last weekend she invited me to her church. While we were in the church, she got into the water!It was shocking for me. Teea told me, this is a kind of Catholic ceremony. I felt a big difference from many religions.
Claire is a charming girl. she is half Chinese and half English. she is talkative and always makes me laugh. In recent days I'm having lunch with them. So it sounds very international.
Tina is funny and cheerful. When I came to my school on the first day,I was so nervous but she talks to me friendly. Then I feel relieved. I’m filled with a feeling of gratitude to her.  In addition, she looks really surprised at my electronic dictionary.  Alex told me that in England people only use a paper dictionary. So this would be her first time to watch electronic one.  I was really surprised because in Japan everyone uses electronic dictionary.
England is really interesting about culture, religion, foods, stationary, and weather, which look all different from Japan. I do my best for my study and enjoy this precious time in England. 


Another new report from New Zealand has come to us. Otsuma Nakano has three different exchange educational partner schools in New Zealand, which are New Plymouth Girls' High School, Sacred Heart Girls College, and St. Mary's School.  Miyu Asajima, an Year 10th student of Otsuma Nakano, is now studying at St. Mary's School as a pioneer exchange student for its school.  She is not staying with her host famliy, but she is now staying at the dormitory of St. Mary's with her fellow international student roommate.  Her report goes as follows:
Hello! I am Miyu Asajima, an exchange student from Otsuma Nakano, currently studying in New Zealand.  I came to New Zealand three weeks ago. I am getting used to living here with my kiwi friends.  I would like to introduce my school life as an exchange student. 
My school where I go to now is St. Marys School.  There is a dormitory with this school.  Of course some students whose homes are close to school go back home every day.  Some students are staying at the dormitory only on weekdays and others stay at the dormitory only three days a week, which sounds very interesting to me.  However, we, international students, basically stay at the dormitory and once every two weeks, we stay with our host families at their homes.
Some subjects of the study at St. Mary's seem to be simple. For example, even though I do not understand English, I can easily dicipher mathematics. I can do fractions, addition, and subtraction now.
Also, the number of the students in my school is very small. In one class, there are at most approximately 15 students. Sometimes the number of people in one class is as small as 5!  So, in St. Mary's school, all of the students are very close and friends with each other although their year are different from each other.
When the school is over, I go to a supermarket nearby with my friends and go to buy a cake and ice cream to eat at night. Sometimes we have our dinner outside.
I remember that I cried on the first day when I came here because I didn’t understanding everything here, but now I have friends and teachers help me with anything. I am gradually getting used to the school life here.  I would like to do my best. 
Thank you for reading my report!  See you again soon.


A new report from an exchange student, Mizuki Motoue, who is currently joining New Plymouth Girls' High School, has arrived to us.  It's super to share it with you all.
Time goes fast! Two weeks have passed since I came to New Zealand. I couldn't go to a lot of places because it was just two weeks but now I can go to more places such as Auckland, Waitara. I would like to report about New Zealand and Maori things.
At the second night whenI was here, I visited Pukekura park to see the festival of light. Pukekura park is a huge park and it has a bridge, lakes, trees and so on. Various places were decorated with light and were very beautiful. I had visited there two years ago but its visit had been in winter and at noon with the same host family. At the time they said "We don't have the festival now but if you come here in summer, you can see the beautiful light festival !" So I have been really looking forward to seeing the festival and I had a great time!
I went to Waitara to make a traditional Maori bag. Karen, a flax weaving teacher, harvests (picks/cuts) the flax (Harakeke) and dyes it. At the class she showed me how to weave it and helped me to make a traditional Maori bag called a Konae. Konae is similar to a Kete, which is a bigger bag. Konae has two corners but Kete has four corners and more like the bottom of a box.
Waitangi Day is the national day of New Zealand, and commemorates the signing, on 6 February 1840, of the Treaty of Waitangi. I had four holidays , weekend and two holidays. I went to Auckland in the holidays by car. I had about five hours to go there, ate fish and chips and a whitebait fritter for dinner at Mokau.  Auckland is the biggest city and has the biggest population in New Zealand. 
On the first day of visiting Auckland, we went to War Memorial museum to look Maori culture (whare(house) and waka (canoe)) . After look museum, we went to an outlet shopping centre and I ate sushi for lunch. It was nice, in avocado and salmon. There was a sushi sandwich too but I couldn't eat. After I bought many clothes, we went to One Tree Hill. It is a very important place in Auckland for Maori and other New Zealanders. It used to be a Maori pā site (fort) in the 1700’s.
On the second day, I got on a bus to go to Ponsonby which is a small suburb that has some shops. I went to Japanese restaurant and ate Unagi don, It was nice.
We got back home once and we went to Mission Bay Reserve, which is a beach that has the view of Rangitoto Island. It is a volcano. On the way, I looked Auckland Habour Bridge. 
February 6th, we went home. I was a little tired but it was still fun!!
I definitely appreciate your reading my report.  See you again!!



次の日の午前、私達はバスに乗りショッピングに行きました。バスは日本とあまり変わりませんでしたが全員降りる時にThank Youと言って降りるので日本ではなかなか見ないと思い、感動しました。









































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