From International Department.   Here is another report from New Zealand by Haruka Hirata, who is an exchange student joining New Plymouth Girls’ High School for one term long.   Her report also showcases how our students’ exchange programs are going very well.   Here we go!


Hello everyone!!!  This is Haruka Hirata.  It has passed about 1 month since I came here.  I think time has gone so fast.  Finally, I'm getting used to staying here recently.  And it was continuing rainy days until last week, but it is sunny recently.  So, everyone says summer is coming!  I would like to talk about my kiwi life for about 1 month.


At school, I chose English, Math, Science, ESOL, Animal and plant science and PE.  For PE class, I swim in the pool with a mask, a snorkel and fins.  I thought that's a really hard thing for me to do at first because I had never swum with it before.  But I'm getting used to swimming with it now.  I can't understand all during class yet, but everyone helps me, so I can understand what the teachers are saying.  But when I go back to Japan, I hope I will able to understand all by myself.


I belong to the badminton club and tennis club here.  I usually play badminton every Monday after school and Wednesday during lunch time.  And I play tennis every Tuesday before school and Wednesday after school.  Also, I joined the tennis lesson on the18th of February.  The people who play tennis in New Zealand are really good players, at which I'm surprised.   I am happy to play tennis with them.  So, I want to make an effort in order to catch up with them. During the lesson, I teamed up with kiwi people for the doubles game and I played 2 sets, so I was surprised because I usually play 1 set in Japan.  But I think that was a very good opportunity for me.


There was a swimming sports festival last Thursday.  It was the first big event for me here.  I thought that was really different from the sports festival in Otsuma Nakano.  And everyone has the house color, which is red, blue, yellow and green.  My house color was red. On that day, we didn't wear our school uniform and instead of that we wore the own color clothes.


And last Saturday, I joined a bus trip with international students.  We went to Mt.Taranaki,  a beach and a farm.  When I went to the mountain, it was quite a good sunny day and we stayed above the clouds, so I could see amazing views.  At the beach, I can't swim in the sea, so I hung out in the shallows, although our pants were wet.  And on the farm, I was so surprised because there were many cows in contrast with Japan.  I could see milking too.  I drank the fresh milk, which was so delicious.  This trip was not only Girls high school students, so I think it was good opportunity which I can speak English a lot. 


In this way, I want to try everything the rest of my kiwi life!!!  Thank you for reading my report!!














From Otsuma Nakano International Department.   We are so happy to get some feedback about these reports on our students’ exchange programs.  We would like to express our thanks to you all.  Now here comes another report from Australia by Kyoka Maeda.  It’s our great pleasure to share it with you.


Hello! This is Kyoka Maeda from Cairns in Australia!  The rainy days ended, and the weather became stable. Although half of the period has already passed, I would like to enjoy the time left.


Last weekend, I went swimming in the river. It was very hot that day, so swimming in the cold water of the river was fantastic. We rode on boogie boards at the rapids, and climbed a big rock and dove in the water. Climbing a big rock was very hard because it was slippery, but I was very happy when I got to the top, and it was fun to dive in.


Also, that afternoon, I went to a birthday party of my host sister’s great grandfather, who turned 96 years old. I was surprised because he was so energetic, he did not seem like 96 years old. At the party, there were a lot of his relatives who were his descendants, such as his children, grandchildren, and also his great grandchildren. I talked a lot with a girl I met at the party, who is the cousin of my host sister.  She told me about Australia, and stories of when she visited Japan, and it was nice and interesting.  She was learning Japanese at her school, so I taught her some phrases. When I went for a walk with her, she showed me a leaf, which smelled good when I broke it in two pieces. She said that it is an Australian smell. At the park, I climbed a lot of trees and it felt good when there was a breeze. For dinner, we had some dishes everyone brought. It was a great dinner!


We had an event called “swimming carnival” in St Andrew’s. This is an event we compete with four colored teams, red, blue, green, and yellow by swimming. I didn’t take part in the race, but I cheered for my buddy’s team. There are names and symbols in each team. Red is Chisolm, and it symbolizes the animals in Australia. Blue is Mackillop, which symbolizes the sea. My buddy’s team green, Ozanam symbolizes the forest, and lastly, yellow is Hollows, and it symbolizes the sun.  Though I didn’t participate in the race, it was so hot that I got in the pool. My buddy’s team Ozanam won the first prize, and I was glad.


 The other day, I went to the night market. The night market was very bustle, and there were many shops. There were a lot of cheap things and souvenirs that I can get for my family and friends. There were many Japanese shop assistants, so I heard Japanese conversation, and some of them spoke to me in Japanese, which was a bit weird. I would like to go there again if I have a chance.


It is very hot every day, but I would like to do my best and not lose to the heat and enjoy the rest of my days here.


Thank you for reading my report, and see you on my next one!

 こんにちは!オーストラリアのケアンズに滞在中の前田響佳です! 雨が続いていた日々もやっと終わり、天候が安定してきました。ここでの期間も半分が終わりましたが、残された時間を楽しみたいと思います。












From International Department of Otsuma Nakano Junior and Senior High School.


2月24日、ロンドン・JOBA Finchley 校で本校の学校説明会を実施しました。お子さんが現地校に通学されている熱心な保護者の方にお集まりいただき、約1時間半に渡っての説明会となりました。大妻中野中学校・高等学校の帰国生教育及びグローバル・リーダーズ・クラスの取り組みについて、帰国生英語力の効果的な保持方法について、日本の教育改革、大学入試改革についてなど、多岐にわたっての話し合いを持つことができました。


2018年度の中学入試に向けて、あるいは編入学試験に向けて、本格的なkick Offとなりました。本校は世界35カ国(2016年度の在籍帰国生のデータ)に在籍した経験がある帰国生が集まっています。これからも、多様性を大切にする帰国生教育校として、より一層、様々な取り組みを進めていきます。



















もうすぐ学年末試験。ですが、土曜日の放課後TOEIC IPを受験する生徒たちは


































From Otsuma Nakano International Department.

This is the updated report on our term study program in New Zealand by Shoka Yamashita.  She looks excited to learn that music and sports are the great communication tools all over the world.


Hello everyone!!! This is Shoka Yamashita, an exchange student to New Plymouth Girls’ High School in Zealand.  I will introduce to you my life in New Zealand.   It has passed three weeks since I came here.  I am enjoying my life here.  I hope everyone will enjoy reading my report. 

In the classes, all of them are going in English, of course, so I always have to concentrate.  It is a little bit hard, but I like that my English skills are improving up day by day.


I think the music class is very different from Japan.  In the music class, at first, we made a group and all of members composed a song together.  Then I had to make a song using the codes from A-code to G-code.  Finally, we had to conduct performance the song that we made with each instrument that we could. We performed some short songs before, but we have to make some long songs by the end of the school.  So we are practicing after school and whenever we can. I have never done such a thing, so I was so surprised and confused. But my teacher and friends taught me how to compose a song, so I keep up with the music class and I felt thankful to those guys. Also, sometimes, we spend all of the class time practicing our instruments, not making songs. 


I joined some club activities.  There are tennis club, orchestra and string group.  They are in Girls High.  Also, l joined the Taranaki Youth Orchestra (TYO).  It's not in Girls High, but we can do some kind of music lessons. 


In the tennis club, I was so surprised because everyone could play very well!! So I feel very happy to play tennis with some good guys.  Also, on Tuesday mornings, we play with two professional tennis players.  I think it is very good lesson for me to improve my tennis skills. 


In the orchestra and string group, I play the violin.  I like to play other instruments, too.  I have played them a few times like playing with other instruments, so I am a little bit nervous, but it's exciting. 


I feel thankful to everybody who helps me with improving my skills like languages, tennis and violin because my skills can be so useful and good  as communication tools.  I think if I can't do such things, I can't communicate more with people.  


Also, on the 18th, I happened to meet a friend, who used to be playing tennis with me in competition and practicing when we were junior high school students!  I was so surprised and happy to meet her because we are studying abroad at the same time and in the same country. I wanna meet her again!


Thank you for reading my report. And I will do my best.




こんにちは!私はニュージーランドに留学している山下祥加です。 ニュージーランドでの生活を紹介したいと思います。 こちらでの生活も、今週で3週間を数えます。毎日が充実していて、本当に楽しいです。 授業では、もちろんすべてが英語なので、聞き取るため、常に集中力を保っていなくてはいけません。少し大変ですが、日に日に英語力が向上するのが嬉しいです。


大妻中野とこちらとで比較してみたとき、授業のスタイルの違いを強く感じるのは音楽の授業です。こちらの学校では、授業時間のほとんどを作曲に費やします。最初に一緒に曲を作るグループを作り、そのあと、AコードからGコードまでのコードの中から何個か選び、曲を作っていきます。最後には作曲した曲をそれぞれが弾ける楽器と共に演奏します。 この前に何曲か短い曲を演奏しましたが、学期末までに長い曲を何曲か作らなければいけないので大変です。そのため、放課後や休み時間、可能な限り曲を作ったり練習したりしています。このような経験したことのないやり方に、当初私はひどく戸惑いました。しかし、先生や友達が親切にやり方を教えてくれたので、授業についていけています。そのため、あたたかいサポートを感謝しています。他に授業時間の全部を作曲以外に自分の演奏できる楽器の練習にあてる場合もあります。


クラブ活動では、テニス部、オーケストラ、弦楽団に入りました。それはGirls Highですが、学校での活動以外には、習い事として、Taranaki Youth Orchestra に入ることができました。 テニス部では、皆、すごく上手なので本当に驚きました!しかし、レベルの高いプレイヤーと一緒にテニスが出来るのが嬉しいです。また、火曜日の朝にはプロのテニス選手が二人いらっしゃり、指導を受けています。これも、私のテニスのスキルが向上するのにすごく良い事だと思います。 オーケストラや弦楽団では、バイオリンを弾いています。しかし、これまで他の楽器と合わせて演奏する経験が少なかったので緊張しますが、楽しいです。初めて留学として訪れた外国で、音楽やスポーツは、とても有効なコミュニケーションのツールだと実感しています。だから、国境を超えて楽しめるテニスやバイオリンを身につけていたことは大きな利点でした。テニスやバイオリンを私に教えて下さった方々に改めて感謝します。






山下 祥加


From Otsuma Nakano International Department.  Ayaka Kobayashi updated her report on her life at St. Andrew’s Catholic College and in Cairns.  It is our great pleasure to share it with you all.  


Hello, everyone!  This is Ayaka Kobayashi from Cairns.  Is it snowing here and there in Tokyo? The temperature is always over 30℃ every day in Cairns, which makes us feel so hot.


When I came home this Tuesday,  the temperature was 39℃!! These days, the weather is settling and I can see the beautiful blue sky. I could find such a rare road sign on the way home!!  It says " Be careful of horse", because you can see a riding horse walk along the road.


Now, I will introduce my Australian life! Let's go!  3 weeks have passed already since I attended the school, St' Andrews.  So, I have become rather used to this atmosphere and each class. This week, I learned some signs and solution that I have never learned in my school in math class. I could enjoy the class through comparing my expression with my teacher's one.  Also, I actually tried to use the math sign.


In chemistry class, I observed a three-dimensional image of atomic structure and electron orbit with using a laptop.  We can input some information naturally and get a strong impression about it with using image and diagram.


Also, on Thursday, Swimming Carnival, which we can say that it is the real pleasure in the first trimester, was held!  It was good weather, so it was a perfect day for swimming. We moved from school to a nearby pool by bus.  There were four team that "CHISHOLM"(red), "MACKILLO"(blue),"OZANAM"(green), "HOLLOWS"(yellow)and we competed each other with race, relay.  I was in "MACKILLO"!  And there was not only competition but also a space where we can play.  I swam there with my buddy.  It was comfortable!  Everyone wore their team color clothing and drew line, wrote team name. I felt their earnest and aggressive power of unity.  When it comes to the results of the competition, the winner was green, second was blue, third was red, fourth was yellow.  It is similar to Otsuma Nakano's athletic festival, but the scene was pool, so I could have another fun which was different from Otsuma Nakano.


Saturday of the last week, I cooked "Tofu with meet", which is Japanese food, to my host family.  My family said "good taste! Thank you."  My host father and brother took me to Asian shops for buying some ingredients. It was my first time but I could well.  When host father did another helping, I found myself rewarded. I can feel working hard as well when they enjoy eating my dishes with saying delicious.


Sunday of the last week, my host family took me to a national park that has river.  It was the river with a blue high degree of transparency, and the water is rushing past. We tried to slip from rock to water and see some rare plants.


This Saturday,I went to the mountain called “glacier rock for climbing.”  The height of the mountain is about 1000m.  And I had around 200steps!  That was so hard and hot, but It was comfortable when I finished climbing and saw the beautiful view from the top of it.  On the way home down from the mountain, I bathed the fresh water from the mountain.


Through such a life in Australia, I can feel myself getting to be like an Aussie day by day.  Thank you for reading my report. We’ll see you in two weeks!



Ayaka Kobayashi



皆さん、こんにちは。小林礼佳です。東京は雪がちらほらと降っていますか? ケアンズは毎日30℃越えで、とても暑いです。火曜日に家に帰ってきたときの気温は39℃でした! 最近は天気が安定してきて、美しい青空に臨むことができます。帰り道にこんな珍しい標識を発見しました!これは馬の歩行に注意という意味で、道路に沿って乗馬をすることがあるそうです!



早くも学校に通ってから三週間がたちました。雰囲気や授業にもだいぶ慣れてきました。今週、数学で大妻中野では使わない記号や解法を学びました。自分の式と比較したり、記号を実際に使ってみたりと発見することも多く、楽しいです。 化学では、実際に映像で立体的な原子構造、電子軌道と観察しました。映像や図を利用することで自然と頭の中にインプットされ、強く印象に残ります。


そして、木曜日には一学期の醍醐味とも言えるスイミングカーニバルがありました。学校から近くのプールまでバスで移動しました。 "CHISHOLM"(赤), "MACKILLO"(青),"OZANAM"(緑), "HOLLOWS"(黄)の4チームに分かれてレース、リレーの競争をしました。私は"MACKILLO"(青)に所属しました!又、競争だけでなく、遊ぶことのできるスペースもあり、私はバディーとそこで泳ぎました。とても気持ちよかったです。セントアンドリュースのみんなは所属チーム色の衣装をまとったり、顔にラインを引いたり、チーム名を書いたりと行事に対する熱心さ、積極性、そして団結力を感じました。結果は1位が緑、2位が青、3位が赤、4位が黄でした。大妻中野の体育祭と似ていますが、舞台がプールなので、また違う楽しさを味わうことができました。


そして、先週の土曜日に、ホストファミリーに日本食の肉豆腐を作りました。ファミリーは"good taste! Thank you." と言ってくれました。材料を買うためにホストファザーとブラザーがアジアショップに連れて行ってくれ、初めてでしたが、うまく作ることができました。ホストファザーがおかわりをしてくれた時は本当にやりがいを感じました。自分が作った料理をおいしいと言って食べてもらえると、また頑張ろうという気持ちになれます。


先週の日曜日にはNational Parkという川に連れて行ってもらいました。川は透明感のある青色で、流れる水に勢いがありました。岩から川へと滑ったり、珍しい植物を見て回ったりしました。


今週の土曜日には、glacier rockと呼ばれている山に登りに行きました。山の高さは1000mくらいで、約200歩程歩きました! とても大変で、暑かったのですが上り終えて頂上からの美しい景色を見た時は,気持ちよかったです。山から下りた帰りに、山からの新鮮な水を浴びました。


このような生活を通して少しずつですが、日々、Aussieらしくなっていく自分を感じ、うれしく思います。レポートを読んでいただき、ありがとうございました。 では、また二週間後にお会いしましょう!



From Otsuma Nakano International Department. 

A year-long-term exchange student at New Plymouth Girls High School, Naoka Yoashizawa, introduces you her current school life there.  It is the last term for her to study at New Plymouth Girls’ High School.  So her report tells us her strong will to make her days fruitful. 


Hello. This is Naoka Yoshizawa. How have you been? New students from Otsuma Nakano joined us 2 weeks ago. They looked so nervous at first, but also expecting a lot of experiences.  We didn’t talk much for the first week but from this week, we talked a lot and built deeper friendships. I would like to talk about my first week at school and what I did with them.


The first thing is about what was going on my first week at school. This year, I would take classes of English, Hospitality, Math, Physics, ESOL and Sports. But I had to change my subject because my Math Extension class and Hospitality class are at the same time. Then I dropped Hospitality class and I am taking Geography class now.  It is impossible to change subjects in Japan, but I can do at NPGHS, so it is good experience for me to be honest. I am taking sports class this term and it is summer, so we have swimming class!  Actually, the weather in New Plymouth is not good, so sometimes cold and raining like winter. But even if it is raining, we usually swim and it made me surprised. And I understand that kiwi girls are so tough. At Otsuma Nakano, we don’t have pool, so I didn’t have swimming class and I haven’t swum for 4 years properly before this summer. In first class, I had to swim for 400m and kiwi girls swam for 10 minutes but I nearly drowned several times, so it took me 20 minutes.  I just knew that I need to practise harder than them.    I had wanted to change my subject, but I think it will be good experience to try thing which I can’t in this last term.


The next thing is about our weekend with Shoka and Haruka!! We went to town on Saturday! They arrived 2 weeks ago, so I took them to town and had a lot of fun! We did shopping, eating a lot of delicious stuff and chatting a lot! We went ice cream shop and ate ice cream, went to Sushi shop and ate Sushi. Finally, we went to Starbucks even though we already were full… Also we bought same water bottle! It is so cute and from Kathmandu., which sells kind of outdoor stuff. We took a lot of selfies and chatting ourselves a lot. I think we were getting closer and deeper friendships! I also want to take them to a lot of place and show them a lot of beautiful views and culture food. Especially, in New Zealand, there is a lot of delicious and high calories food, so I want to let them eat!!! I am looking forward to hanging out with them and having a lot of chatting so much!!

 I have only 1 term in New Plymouth and I already think about when I leave here. It makes me so sad. But I want to try everything which I can or can’t and get a lot experiences. The weather is still not like summer but hotter and hotter.  And also if I have some opportunities, I really want to go the other cities as well!


Thank you for reading! See you next time!!




まずは、私の学校での最初の1週間についてです。最後の1タームは、英語、家庭科、数学、物理、ESOL、体育を専攻しようと思っていたのですが、数学と家庭科の授業時間が重なってしまったため、科目変更をしました。家庭科を取らずに、地理学に変更しました。日本では、科目変更はできませんが、NPGHSではできるので家庭科を取らないのは残念ですが、経験にもなりました。また、体育の授業では、夏ということでスイミングが始まりました!本当はニュープリマスでは、いまだに気候が思わしくなくまるで冬のように寒かったり、雨が降ったりしています。しかし、NPGHSでは、雨が降っていてもスイミングをやるんです!これには、流石に驚きましたが、同時にkiwi girlsがタフだと実感しました。大妻中野には、プールがないのでプールの授業もなく約4年間きちんと泳いでいませんでした。プールの最初の授業では、400mも泳がなくてはなりませんでした。Kiwi girlsは、10分程度で簡単に終わらせていたのに、私だけ、20分もかかってしまい流石に恥ずかしかったです。やはり、練習をほかの子たちより多くしないといけないことを実感しました。正直、科目変更も考えましたが、最後の1タームは自分が出来ないことでもトライして、良い経験を作ろうと思い変更せずに頑張ろうと思います。














国内SGU(Super Global University)はもちろん、海外大学が進路の選択肢として
































































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