A new report from Minagi Akao, an exchange student who is now studying at New Plymouth Girls’ High School in New Zealand, reached us.  It is our great pleasure to share her updated report with you all.  Here we go!


Kia Ora!!  I’m Minagi Akao.  I’m the exchange student, now staying in New Zealand.  I will report to you about my school life and what I did at week 6.


This week at school I made new kiwi friends.  They are very nice and funny!  And then, next week, I am going out with one of my friends.  Also, in New Plymouth Girls High, there were a “mufty day”.  On this day, we wore casual clothes to school.  I took a lot of pictures with my friends while we had lunch together.  Also, we donated a few gold coins of $1 or $2 to our teachers.  This money will go to Taranaki’s hospital, which needs money for surgery or treatment that cost much.


Also, on Friday, I had a sport trip. We did a boxing. I didn’t have much exercise after I came to New Zealand so now I had my muscle pain.


With my host family, I am having a fun day.  Especially with my host sisters, we took many pictures using  SNOW app.  What’s more, we play a lot of card games with my host mother.  A memory game, a monopoly, an old maid and a seven game.  I am getting good at playing card games now!!


On Saturday, there was a rugby game, where we could see famous dance “Haka”.  We went to my host father’s friend’s house to watch it together.  I met with a new friend there and it was really fun talking with her. I played Life with my host sisters and my friends before the game starts. When the game started, we were on fire cheering All Blacks.  In Japan, cheering is done quietly, but here they were powerful and I cheered All Blacks so much too!!  Since they are No.1 in the world, they were really strong.  Actually, All Blacks won the game against France by 45-11!!  And the dance of Haka, which is All Black’s symbol had too much impact and I got a gooseflesh. When the game was finished, I was able to refresh my feeling by cheering so powerfully!!


On weekend, I played with my friends that I made in school. On Saturday, we went to a lot of places to take many pictures together.  We went to an art gallery, played table pool, and went for a walk around the sea. It was really fun time. On Sunday, I played with my BF in my school. It was reeeeaaaally fun day for me. We played bowling and I had 3 times of strike! We also played a mini basketball and air hockey. We played air hockey together and it was really fun.


I definitely enjoyed all of this week the best of all of my time here.  I have only one month to stay, but I want to have more exciting stuff before I go back to Japan.

こんにちは!赤尾海凪です。私は今、ニュージーランドに留学しています。これからweek 6にしたことをリポートしたいと思います。


学校では、kiwiの友達を始め、たくさんの友達ができました!みんな優しくて面白く、一緒にいてとても楽しいです!また、来週には一緒に遊びに行く予定などがたち、とても楽しい日々を送っています!さらに今週、mufty dayという日がありました。この日は1日だけ私服で学校に行きます。そして、先生にゴールドコイン、つまり$1か$2を払います。生徒から集めたお金は、taranakiにある病院に高額な治療をする人や、手術をする人への募金になります。この日は、みんな私服だったので、たくさん写真を撮りとても楽しかったです!そして金曜日には、スポーツトリップがありました。私たちは、学校の近くのボクシングをするところへ行き、ボクシングの練習をしました。私はニュープリマスにきて、運動を全くしてなかったので、今筋肉痛です。











Here comes a new report to us from St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns, Australia.  In this week, an exchange student, Ayana Ukida, reports to us her recent colorful life there. Enjoy sharing her experience.


Hello, there!  This is Ayana Ukida from Cairns Australia. It has been 8 weeks since I arrived here. In this report, I am going to write what I did in the last week.


At school, we did our assessment in a class.   We have more 3 weeks left in this term, so now is the time for them to have to finish their assessments, which means that students live with busy days.  One of my friends here suddenly began to cry, because she has a lot of stuff to do and she has a part time job on the weekend. Every student felt stressful regarding these assessments.  I wrote an English short story for my assessment. I wrote that by myself. It was hard and took me a lot of time to write it in English, but it was good opportunity to learn English grammar and to make my vocabulary increase much more.


Last weekend, my host father, his second sister and I went to a dance competition. At the competition, a lot of people from small children to high school students participated in that.  It was fun, and I enjoyed it.  The dance competition started from 7AM to 12AM, so I get really tired.  After that I went to a musical rehearsal which my host mother directed. When the musical performance is going on, I will not be here, so I cannot actually watch it, but I have already enjoyed it.


I cannot believe I have only 3 weeks left to stay here, which makes me very sad, but I still want to enjoy my rest days in Cairns. Thank you for reading my report.































A special report reached us from New York City!!


It is our great pleasure to introduce a special report from New York City.   Ms. Miwako Iga, one of the Otsuma Nakano school faculty, delivers her creative educational report on "art" in New York City to all of you.  She is currently staying there for her original study in art as a reseach scholar belonging to City College of New York and she is supposed to be there by the end of March, 2019.


Could you please find the following attachment?   This report about "art" for educational context will showcase Otsuma Nakano educational values very well, which is our educational focus on "Active Arts."


Report from New York 0607


































↑空港にて                すっかり仲良しのバディと↑


A new report reached us from St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns, Australia.  An exchange student, Sui Hirayama, described her recent colorful life there. in her report.  I hope you like it!


G’day mates!!  I’m Sui Hirayama from St Andrew’s. Today I would like to talk about my weekends and my school life.


On Saturday Ayana’s host family took Ayana and me to Crocodile Farm. It is a farm that we can see many crocodiles and other animals that are native to Australia, such as koalas and wombats. We rode on a boat, with which we can explore the park to find some crocodiles. The man who guided us was very hilarious, so we had a very fun time at the boat. We also saw a crocodile feeding show. The staff hang the chicken from the pole and crocodile jumped out from the water and ate it. The sound when they eat the chicken was very big and it was cool but very scary. The biggest crocodile we saw was about 7 meters long and weighed about 600 kg! For lunch I ate a meat pie with crocodile meat. It was my first time to eat crocodile meat. It tasted like chicken but a little chewy.


In the afternoon of that day, my host brother and I made paper planes and battled which of our plane would go further. I haven’t made paper planes for many years, so it was very fun. It was hard to make a plane that goes far with the following wind. At the end, my host father joined us. As a result, my host father’s plane was the best and it went on the road in front of our house.


At night I went to Esplanade with my host family. My host brother had a soccer match on this day and he scored first goal of this year, so we went to eat ice cream for his reward. I ate mango flavor ice cream. It was very tasty and the view was very beautiful. These are casual daily lives but I can’t do these things in Japan because I’m busy with my club and school works and there is no big space we can play with paper planes in my house in Japan and there are no beaches near where I live so I enjoyed this time like a little kid.


Next, I would like to talk about my school. On Monday we had an event called “athletics carnival”.  It is like a sports day in Otsuma Nakano. The school is divided into 4 houses; Ozanam, Mackillop, Hollows, and Chisolm and they each have different colours. Ozanam represents forest and the colour is green, Mackillop represents sea and the colour is blue, Hollows represents sun and the colour is yellow, and Chisolm represents Earth and the colour is red. Some students wore the clothes with the colour of their houses. One of my friend belong to Ozanam so she wore green Aloha clothes and did green colour lip.  In this event there are about 10 athletics that we can participate in and I participated in the long jump and 100 meters run. In this event the music was on all the time and everyone danced and sang. It was fun looking at everyone dancing and sing songs together.


Thank you for reading my report.

皆さんこんにちは。セントアンドリュースに留学中の平山翠です。 このレポートでは、週末の出来事と今週行われた学校行事について書きたいと思います。











Nanaka Watanabe, an exchange student who is now studying at Sacred Heart Girls’ College, one of our partner schools in New Plymouth, New Zealand, delivered her updated report to us all.  Here we go!


Kia Ora tatou!! I’m Nanaka Watanabe from Sacred Heart Girl’s College. It’s been one month since I arrived in New Zealand. I feel I’m getting used to the life here. Temperature is going down and Mt, Taranaki has some snows on the top.


In this report, I would like to write about Girl Guiding which I have joined.


Girl Guiding is the same as Girl Scout of Japan, and it is very active everywhere across New Zealand.  My host mother is a Leader with Girl Guiding New Plymouth.  In this activity, I can make a lot of friends who are in the almost same ages.  I’m happy to join this activity, because it is a nice chance to talk with them all in English.


The eighteenth of May was “Pink Shirt Day”.  It is a special day you can find in New Zealand or Canada to stop bullying.  In the activities of the Girl Guiding on the day, we had to wear something pink.


As part of the activities of the Girl Guiding, we made coconut ice and played some games. There was something interesting in the game we did.  In the game, we wrote some words like “You’re cute.” “You’re smart.”  on the pink rocks and leaving them in the park.  If you find these rocks, you’ll be glad. I think this is a really interesting activity.


From the activities of the Girl Guiding, I learned that it is important to cooperate with friends, to talk with all of us and to express our own opinions.  I want to say my opinion in English.  I’ll try to do it hard and enjoy the rest of my stay in New Zealand.


One of the photo is a piece of the cake my host mother made for “Pink Shirt Day”. The other is Mt,Taranaki with snows on the top.


Thank you for reading my report!!

みなさん、こんにちは!! セイクリッド・ハート・ガールズ・カレッジに留学中の渡辺菜々香です。






5月18日は “Pink Shirt Day “でした 。この活動はいじめを無くすためにニュージーランドやカナダなどの国で行われています。ガールズガイディングではみんなでピンクの物を身につけて、ココナッツアイスを作ったりゲームをしたりしました。


行なったゲームの中でとても興味のわくものがありました。それはピンクの石に自分たちで “You’re cute.” “ You’re smart.” などの言葉を書いて公園に置いておくというものです。もしこの石を見つけたらすごく嬉しいだろうし、面白い企画だなと思いました。






写真は私のホストマザーが” Pink Shirt Day “ の為に作ってくれたケーキと雪の降ったタラナキ山です。 私のレポートを読んでいただきありがとうございました!!

From Australia, A new report on St. Andrew’s CC_180527


Another very impressive and timely report reached us from Cairns, Australia.  An exchange student, Ayana Ukida, reports to us about her recent experiences there in Australia.


G'day mate!  I'm Ayana Ukida from Otsuma Nakano. Today I will write about Royal Wedding and Camp which was school event.


May 19th was a memorial day for the royal wedding in UK.  My host family really loves a royal wedding, so this day everyone in my host family looked very excited. Also, every television station was broadcasting about it too, which means that everyone in Australia is interested in this royal wedding.  I saw a lot of famous people wearing beautiful dresses and going to the wedding hall.  I was surprised because my host family knew the names of all of them who are famous and even they recognized brand names for their clothes.  All I know were Queen Elizabeth and Princess Catherine, but everyone there were beautiful and gorgeous, so I was overwhelmed. This day my family wore tiaras and drank fake wine and ate some gorgeous sweets. When I ate that, I felt like a princess.  This was my first time in my life to celebrate and watch royal wedding, so it was hard to keep up with my host family.


The next topic is my camp experience.  I went to camp from May 23th to 25th.  We went far from Cairns by 1 hour.  There was a lot of nature and air was clean, which made me refreshed.  I was in the same room with Sui, Ahana and Alina. We were talking about a lot of things and laughed a lot too.  This camp gave us a lot of opportunities to talk with others who we do not talk much in our daily life. It was very impressive experience to me.  At the camp, first of all, we made quick speech in font of everyone about a story of people who gave us influence and we respect.  I saw students and teachers talking with tears. The impression remained strong.  Second one was a session of "I am sorry".  This is everyone has to apologize to someone. Also, two of us washed each other’s hands and they did hug.  I have never had such kind of experience before, so it was interesting for me.  Third one was singing a lot. Some songs I do know and songs I don't know, but it does not matter and we song with wrapping our arms around their shoulders.  It was very impressive.


Thank you for reading my report!!



皆さんこんにちは!! セントアンドリュースの浮田彩菜です。このレポートでは、5月19日にあったロイヤルウエディングと学校の行事のキャンプについて書こうと思います。




5月23日から25日までキャンプに行きました。ケアンズから1時間離れたところに行きました。自然が多く空気が気持ちよかったです。部屋は私と平山さんとアハナとアリーナでした。色んなことを話して笑いました。このキャンプでは今まで話す機会がなかった子と話すことが出来、また印象深い出来事も沢山ありました。1つ目は、みんなの尊敬する人や影響を受けた人の話をみんなの前で、分け合うというセッションです。生徒や先生も泣きながらみんなに話している姿を見てとても印象に残りました。2つ目は、I am sorryというセッションです。これは全員必ず一人に謝るというものです。水の入ったボウルの中で2人が手を洗い、ハグをします。今まで体験したことがなかったのでとても印象深かったです。3つ目は沢山歌を歌ったことです。知ってる歌や知らない歌でもみんなで肩を組んで歌ったのは感動しました。今回のキャンプは印象深い出来事が沢山あって大切な思い出となりました。



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